Dhwarco Business Centre.

We provide flexible, turnkey, solutions without a multiyear commitment. As your business grows, we will tailor a dedicated, full-time office concept that covers your current needs and future goals. We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best, managing and growing your business.

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Open Seating

Perfect for founders or startup employees looking to establish a home base and benefit from our numerous co-working resources.

Reserved Desk

Reserved seating is a great option for smaller teams that want to sit and work together within the larger Galvanize campus community.

Private Suite

Larger teams looking for a place to call home can opt for a private suite complete with interior campus signage.

A New Way of Working.

Dhwarco is a new way of working in which people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and companies all work under the same roof. We provide these individuals and businesses access to a fully functional workspace, a network of mentors along with events for networking and gaining knowledge.

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Events & Contests

We run events that help you acquire the skills needed to grow your business. Everything from one-on-one mentor sessions to workshops, seminars and roundtable conferences.




Dedicated Office 15 Seater
Dedicated Office 7 Seater
Walkway 1
Dedicated Office 12 Seater
Walkway 2
Conference Room
Dedicated Office 10 Seater

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